Saturday, October 12 was a wonderful evening! Fr. Spitzer, our Keynote Speaker, was every bit as inspiring as we had hoped he would be. And, as we honored Msgr. Auve and the other Champions of Catholic Education, the room was filled to the brim with love and hope for the future.

If you were not able to join us or have not yet made your pledge to support our kids in faith, click here!

Working together, and giving as we are able, we will change lives!

Keynote Address - Fr. Robert Spitzer

Jesuit Father Robert J. Spitzer, president of Gonzaga University, announced March 17 that he plans to leave his post in July 2009 and will work with the school's board of trustees to initiate a transition in leadership at the Jesuit-run university in Spokane, Wash. Father Spitzer is pictured in an undated photo. (CNS photo/Image Studio, courtesy of Gonzaga University) (March 19, 2008) See GONZAGA-SPITZER March 19, 2008.

Why is Catholic education necessary? Why do we need it? Our kids today really face a crisis that we didn’t have to face. Forty-four percent of our kids will lose their faith. I am not saying they are going to drop out of the Catholic Church – they will certainly do that – forty-four percent will lose their faith in God. That is what is going to happen and the percentage increase is going to get higher and [Catholic schools and faith formation programs] are the only way to stop it.

We have got to pound it home because the culture is going to pound it home as hard as they can that God is nonsensical, that the soul really doesn’t exist, that you are just a bunch of atoms and molecules, and that Jesus Christ is not even real, let alone risen from the dead. The reason we need Catholic [education] is to refute the myths.

We’ve got a challenge here. The last two days we have been equipping people as fast as we can thanks to your generosity to put these 7 Essential Modules into the [schools and faith formation programs] in any way we can and bring this message not only to the kids but to the [Catechists and teachers] and ultimately the parents.

-Fr. Robert Spitzer

The Foundation Today - Kathleen Wilmes

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Champions of Catholic Education

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Emcee Introductions

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Nathan Ponce and Ahmira Elyard-Jaeger share about their experiences with religious education.
"There is too much order in the world for there to not be a creator." -Ahmira Elyard-Jaeger
Ahmira is a sophomore at Trout Lake High School and a member of St. Joseph Parish, White Salmon

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