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40 Ways In 40 Days

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Day 12: Celebrating Our Advisors

Today we recognize Ann Sonn for her long standing commitment to the Foundation and Catholic education.

Greetings! My name is Ann Sonn, a member of St. Joseph Parish in Wenatchee. I […]


Day 11: Celebrating Religious Education

My name is Rylan Buchanan, I am the High School Youth Minister at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wenatchee. We serve nearly one hundred high school youth in our parish […]


Day 10: Celebrating Our Schools – Tri-Cities Prep High School

Today we hold Tri-Cities Prep in prayer as we celebrate Catholic education.
Listen to this important message from Lisa Jacobs, President, of Tri-Cities Prep.

Thank you for your continued support of Catholic […]


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Jessica Arellano

Student of Stanford University

“Faith has given me the strength to chase the impossible and make it possible. It has healed the broken in me. Faith is what has made me who I am, a fearless, caring, and courageous follower of God. Throughout my difficult times, every time I thought I had failed or had no better alternative, something always told me to try again. And that was faith. Through your support, our program has been able to change my life and the lives of many other students.  My desire is that students across the diocese will have the same opportunity to grow in faith that I had.”