Why Give?

God richly blesses us. We give back in gratitude to Him and become a visible blessing to others, nurturing Christ’s earthly ministry. Every Catholic is encouraged to remember the Church in Planned Giving through:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Gift of life insurance
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Charitable Trust

Your estate gift will help sustain the Central Washington faith community.

What Legacy Will You Leave?

Today you express generosity and show concern for your community through daily activities and Sunday offerings. When planning your will, you will likely seek to provide for family members and bequeath assets to your children. With thoughtful estate planning, you can seek to honor God and your current charitable activities as well.

COF 2018 Champion Sonn (3) (1)

Ann Sonn

Past President, Board of Trustees

I support the Central Washington Catholic Foundation because of my strong belief in its mission to provide and uphold Catholic education throughout the Diocese of Yakima. All who seek to learn about our Catholic faith in our schools and in our parishes must be served. The Foundation proves instrumental in achieving that goal.


Jessica Arellano

Jessica Arrellano, Our Lady of the Desert, Mattawa, Stanford University

“Faith has given me the strength to chase the impossible and make it possible. It has healed the broken in me. Faith is what has made me who I am, a fearless, caring, and courageous follower of God. Throughout my difficult times, every time I thought I had failed or had no better alternative, something always told me to try again. And that was faith.
Through your support, our program has been able to change my life and the lives of many other students.  My desire is that students across the diocese will have the same opportunity to grow in faith that I had.”

Ecker dinner close up 2

Msgr. John Ecker

Champion of Catholic Education 2018, Special Honoree

“I am convinced that Catholic Schools and religious education programs are extremely important for the future of our church.
I was brought up very poor. I know what it is to be on the outside. I was privileged to have a Jesuit education which really grounded me and gave me a purpose in life. I was able to attend Boston College High School because an uncle of mine, who wasn’t wealthy either, but he was able to at least pay for my tuition and books and that gave me an entrance in that whole Jesuit type of education. I believe my own vocation was nourished by the influence they had on me.
In the present day world, our kids are really in need of a foundation. Catholic schools and religious education programs both do a wonderful job of giving kids a sense of belonging and really a firm foundation in faith.
I have great hope for the future. I think it will be a vibrant living church and I know that God is with us."

Jaqueline Herrera

Jacqueline Herrera

Member of St. Joseph Parish - Sunnyside Youth Group

It is very important to have faith education in every parish because everyone struggles in life. Having a youth group that can bring you back up and remind you of your faith is very important. It has made me stronger. Our faith is always going to be there to help us in life. Without faith, where do we go?


Ignacio Navarette Jr.

Graduate of Tri Cities Prep

When I wanted to apply to Tri-Cities Prep, my parents couldn’t support me financially. Of course, thanks to the Central Washington Catholic Foundation, I was able to receive that financial support. I have a new found faith in God.


Terry Sliger

Board Advisor

A Catholic education is instrumental in teaching much needed social principals, a character building process and development of thought.  I am proud to support the Central Washington Catholic Foundation, doing so much for so many!


Kelly Sauer

Director of Religious Education at St. Mary's Parish - White Swan

The Catholic Foundation grant has been such a blessing to our parish. We are a very small parish and a very poor parish. So through the grant, the first thing we needed to do was get bilingual books!


Most Reverend Carlos A. Sevilla, SJ

Bishop Emeritus of Yakima

I know that there are kids who also want a Catholic education, whose families don’t have the means to provide what's needed for them to attend a Catholic school. So it’s wonderful that the foundation is available to help kids that really want to deepen their Catholic faith understanding, and their love of Jesus, and their love of the Church.


Ignacio Navarette Sr.

Father of Ignacio, Graduate of Tri Cities Prep

Finally our dream came true. We are very thankful to Central Washington Catholic Foundation for all their support. It really makes a difference in our life. Now it’s a whole new world for all of us, and our son. Thank you very much.

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