Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

In keeping with our mission of supporting Catholic education in Central Washington, the Catholic Foundation is proud to announce that 147 students have been approved to receive $140,000 in financial assistance for 2018 through the Celebration of Faith Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)! 

The Foundation is also proud to announce that once again, 100% of this year’s high school seniors with TAP grants graduated!

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Grants

The Central Washington Catholic Foundation increases access to Catholic schools in Central Washington by providing tuition assistance grants to children and families based on family income. Tuition assistance grants help open the door to an excellent Catholic education in partnership with the family and with their Catholic school.

The Tuition Assistance Program is designed for families and students currently enrolled or preparing to enroll in one of the Central Washington Catholic schools. Families must be referred by the school TAP Coordinator and apply each year through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to qualify for a grant—all awards are made based on financial need.

Applications open December 1st
Renewal Application Deadline: March 15th
All records complete/verified: By April 27th for awards on May 1st
New Student Application Deadline: May 1st
All records verified (complete: By May 25th for awards on June 1st

Applications will continue to be accepted until funding is depleted. Applications will not be considered complete until all required documents (tax forms, letters, referrals, child support statements, etc.) have been submitted online. Applicants and the schools will be notified of the funding determinations within two weeks of the application deadline.

TAP Coordinators

Each school designates a TAP Coordinator who is responsible for making TAP referrals and assisting with the application process.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to request a referral from the school TAP Coordinator before completing the application process. TAP Coordinators verify enrollment in October and CWCF forwards the funding directly to the school.

2016 Tuition Assistance Program

Tri-Cities Prep High School - Pasco, WA