2016 Celebration of Faith

Thank you for supporting the 2016 Celebration of Faith - 580 people dedicated to passing on the faith gathered together in one room - talk about powerful! Your generosity through the event has ensured that kids throughout Central Washington will have opportunities to learn about Jesus.

2016 Invitation - Amy Krautscheid

This year,

$200,000 will be distributed to provide:

  • tuition assistance for low income children (regardless of faith) to attend Catholic school
  • training for parish religious educators
  • support for parish religious education programs
  • scholarships for students to attend Catholic colleges
  • initiative funding for new religious education programs

Special Honorees


Fr. William Shaw

"This is the reason for our very existence. Knowing this God who made us, we say we're supposed to love God, know God, serve God. Well the first thing is to KNOW God."

Father John Shaw and Father Bill Shaw continue to actively serve in priestly ministry at the very youthful ages of 89 and 87, respectively. Fr. Bill continues to serve as pastor at St. Mary Parish in White Swan, while Fr. John serves the Native American community in the Yakima Diocese, among several other ministries. The Shaw brothers have served in a total of 24 of the 41 parishes that make up the Yakima Diocese which encompasses seven Central Washington counties.


Fr. John Shaw

"When you go from parish to parish, the needs are different, but the children there they know everything about all the riddles and the things on TV, and the media, but do they know Jesus?"

The video of Fr. Bill and Fr. John Shaw sharing about why they believe Catholic education is important is to remind us all of the great work that is being done today by our dedicated Catholic educators and catechists.



Amy Krautscheid

St. Rose School
Ephrata, WA

“As principal I want to educate these students with the Lord. I want to form their moral compass with Jesus not the world.”


Kathleen Wilmes

Executive Director
Central Washington Catholic Foundation
Yakima, WA

“It is a tough world today. More children than ever before are seeking to know their value in this world.”

11292012-  Seattle University Board of Trustee's ..Pat Howell, SJ

Fr. Patrick Howell SJ

Rev. /Professor
Seattle University
Seattle, WA

“Catholic schools make every effort for minorities and low income families to benefit from this value-based, faith-inspired education.”

2016 Parish Religious Education

St.  Mary Parish - White Swan

2016 Tuition Assistance Program

Tri-Cities Prep High School - Pasco

Thank You To Our Partners!


John & Michelle Riel

Cindy Charron Houser
Robert Charron


Jim & Trish Feeney

Evan & Sue Jones


Michael & Clara Gamache

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Kathleen Arneil

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Randy & Jane Dickinson

Terry & Denise Sliger

Gordon & Kathy Beecher

Kevin & Teresa Riel


Langevin- El Paraiso


Steve & Jane Baldock


David & Ann Sonn

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