2018 Awards & Scholarships

The 2018 Celebration of Faith provided over $200,000 to ensure that thousands of kids throughout Central Washington will have opportunities to learn about Jesus.


$140,000 awarded to 147 students through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

$10,000 awarded to 4 students for Catholic College Scholarships

$32,800 distributed to 19 parishes and 3 faith events though the Religious Education Program (PREP)

$17,200 Designated for Religious Education Training

Champion of Catholic Education

Special Honoree - Monsignor John Ecker

COF 2018 Prayer Ecker (2)

Sixty years ago, Msgr. Ecker came to the Yakima Diocese from Boston and stayed to serve the people of the Yakima Valley. For thirty-three of those years, Msgr. Ecker has served as school pastor for St. Paul Cathedral School. In 2017, he assisted with the school move and renaming to Christ the Teacher to ensure that the legacy of Catholic  education in Yakima would continue long into the future.

The Ask

Jessica Arellano

“Faith has given me the strength to chase the impossible and make it possible. It has healed the broken in me. Faith is what has made me who I am, a fearless, caring, and courageous follower of God. Throughout my difficult times, every time I thought I had failed or had no better alternative, something always told me to try again. And that was faith.

Through your support, our program has been able to change my life and the lives of many other students.  My desire is that each and every one of you will generously support the Celebration of Faith Fund so that students across the diocese will have the same opportunity to grow in faith that I had.”

Member and Former Confirmation Teacher
Our Lady of the Desert Parish
Freshman at Stanford University

The Foundation Today

Russ Mazzola

"The Celebration of Faith gives us the opportunity to come together to celebrate the sharing and passing on of our faith through education.

Understanding the relationship between time and money, and aware of the fact that the funding from this event is truly impacting our ability to educate our kids in the Faith, the Foundation Trustees decided to dedicate 10% of the gifts made tonight  to the  Celebration of Faith Education Endowment which we recently created. Building this endowment will extend what is now annual giving into perpetual support for faith education in our parishes and schools."

President, Board of Trustees
Central Washington Catholic Foundation

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