Winter 2023 Newsletter

StJoes K

SAVE THE DATE: Celebration of Faith 2023

The Celebration of Faith is excited to announce we will be gathering together again on Saturday, October 14th, 2023 from 5PM-9PM. A location for the event is still in the planning phase. The Foundation is excited to announce, that our keynote speaker will be the Most Reverend Joseph Espaillat from the Archdiocese of New York. Not only was he the youngest Catholic bishop in the U.S when he was ordained in March of 2022, but he has become popular for his unconventional ways of teaching. He is known for rapping to young people in his community to help them connect with God. He also hosts a podcast called “Sainthood in the City.” The CWCF is blessed to host Bishop Espaillat at the Celebration of Faith to
share his incredible message. More information coming soon!

Make an Impact: Donor Advised Funds

The Foundation has now made it easier for donors to support multiple non-profits with one phone call! A Donor Advised Fund, or DAF, is a flexible, tax efficient, and simple investment account that allows a donor to support a variety of charitable organizations that they care about. The tax-deductible donation can be in various forms; cash, cryptocurrency, stocks, or other non-publicly traded assets.

Once established, a DAF can experience tax-free growth that can give you more giving power to support your favorite charities over time. The Central Washington Catholic Foundation is able to manage your account and, as the donor, you are able to advise what organizations you want to receive your donations.

There are many potential benefits of a DAF including, immediate tax deduction, lower Capital Gains and estate taxes, anonymity and streamlined giving with a lot less paperwork at the year end!

DAF’s are ideal for donors who contribute at least $10,000 annually to charitable organizations. For more information visit our website at: or contact the office at (509) 972-3732.

The mission of the Central Washington Catholic Foundation is to support Catholic education.

The CWCF strives to facilitate Catholic philanthropy and to pass our faith heritage to future generations. To learn more about our Foundation, visit

From the Diocese of Yakima

Dear Foundation Friends:

I am so deeply grateful to our team of staff and volunteers at the Central Washington Catholic Foundation. We had our first Covid-19 event. I am grateful to our six schools as well as our partnership with La Salle for this event. And I’m deeply grateful for the strategic partnership we are developing between our network of Catholic schools here in the Diocese of Yakima and St Martin University in Lacey.

As you know I have two unbending intents as bishop. First, every child gets a Catholic education regardless of ability to pay. Second every child learns about Jesus regardless of the location, size or language of their parish.

You, the donors and benefactors of the Catholic Foundation of Central Washington are key to these two key intents. We have a long journey ahead. But thanks to you we are providing scholarships for students in our Catholic schools and we are providing grants for religious education programs in our parishes.

Right before our Celebration of Faith dinner last October 15, I spent the day with around 400 parish leaders looking at the six priority areas we identified from about 1500 respondents in our Diocese of Yakima synod process. We sent our results on as part of the global initiative of Pope Francis as he strives towards a more synodal and consultative Church.

But we are also using the same information for our own planning and future growth. The key priority that emerged was outreach to youth. The word “synod” comes from the Greek word “to walk together”. How can we better walk with youth?

This is a question we will be focusing on in the coming years. But I am convinced that that our shared ministry through the Catholic Foundation of Central Washington will be one of the keys in placing youth more at the center of efforts so that they better assimilate friendship with Jesus Christ and see all us as friends and disciples.

With every best wish and blessing!

Yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Joseph J. Tyson
Bishop of Yakima

Leadership in Action: Board of Trustee Members

John Stadsvold
Board Member

1) Why did you join the CWCF Board of Trustees?

My first job after college was to serve as a Trust Investment Officer for a newly formed trust department of a bank. Our first relationship was a trust created after the death of a single individual with no family to inherit his wealth. The beneficiaries were three foundations: one for a private college, one for an orphanage, and one for a hospital. For the next eight years, I delivered quarterly checks to these foundations, representing their share of the trust income. These visits provided an opportunity to talk frequently with the executive directors about their mission and discuss estate planning and gifting that included the foundation as a beneficiary.

At the same time, our local Diocese was forming its own foundation, and I was elected president. Although it was a short-lived experience, the importance of supporting Catholic education, promoting vocations to the priesthood and consecrated religious life, and providing a comfortable retirement for priests and religious are three areas that are of concern. I hope my experience and background will help the Yakima Diocese meet its fiduciary obligations to the communities and agencies we serve.

2) What are your favorite projects/things the Foundation supports?

Support for our seminarians appeals especially to me as deserving of help from the Foundation. When my wife and I lived in Omaha, NE, we were involved with the Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF). IPF brings together 175 seminarians, priests, and bishops as their educators each summer for an 8-week program at Creighton University. The program is designed to assist the seminarians in growing in holiness so they may draw others to Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity, as spiritual mothers and fathers, to pray for the men and join them for Vespers. Before they finished the program, we joined them for Mass and brunch. To watch and listen as they slowly process into church singing “O God Beyond All Praising,” is a scene that I will always remember. We need more seminarians and priests. These men need all our love, prayers, and financial support.

3) What are your hopes for the future of the CWCF or Catholic education as a whole?

To continue to forge strong partnerships with attorneys, CPAs, insurance, trust, and investment professionals to help communicate “legacy planning” through a thoughtful and structured process that articulates the mission and vision of CWCF; to educate and work with more individuals and families throughout the diocese to help them understand the benefits of Catholic education; and to be generous in supporting the schools and seminarians. To quote Conrad Hilton, “Charity is a supreme virtue and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed on to mankind.” And, “It is the virtue that unites men and inspires the noblest efforts.”

Donor’s from July 1st – December 31st, 2022

Dr. Ernest and Hai Madarang

Dr. Ernest and Hai Madarang

John Rodriguez-Kranz

Kathryn Erickson
Michael McDonald
John and Nancy Rossmeissl

Msgr. William Sweeney Fund

Maryjo Abatt
Mershed Alsamara
Deirdre Brown
Victor and MaryAnn Dulock, Jr.
Paul and Cynthia Genack
Kay Gonzales
Michael and Colette Jacoby
Jesse and Renee Martinez
James and Debra McGrogan
Joe and Laura Schmidt

Bountiful Harvest:
Celebration of Faith 2022

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law
Terry Abeyta and
Denielle Beaulaurier
Rebecca Allen
Rudy and Diana Aparicio
Jason and Stefanie Bafus
Dan and Gwen Bardes
Edelmira Barreto
Gordon and Kathy Beecher
Kavin Beedle
Jeff and Mendy Beksinski
Mike and Linda Beksinski
Gene and Shelley Benningfield
Tom Berndt
William and Angela Borlaug
William and Marla Borton
Scott Brumback
Burrows Tractor Company
Barbara Calhoun
David Camarata
Karen Carlson
Cascade Autocenter
Robert and Donna Cash
Catholic Charities
Christ the King Catholic School
Christ the King Parish
Christ the Teacher School
Patricia Chvatel
Michael and Anne Concienne
Mark and Lora Congleton
Gary and Patsy Connors
Deacon John Cornell
Leonor Cruz
H. Donald and Sue Curet
Leo and Joyce Daugherty
William and Margaret Davis
Warren Dickman
Diocese of Yakima
Michael and Pauline Doherty
Theresa Druzak
Paul and Beth Dunigan
Rev. Msgr. John A. Ecker
Charles and Leslie Eglin
Scott and Joan Eschbach
Bryan and Mary Evenson
Lorena Fairbanks
Doug and Suzanne Federspiel
Carrie Fetto
Tim and Mary Ann Flood
Valeria Flores
Tim and Deborah Franson
Michael and Nicole Franson
Catherine Fredericks
Scott and Cherami Freeman
George and Elizabeth Miller
Jerry and Mary Moncada
Matt and Celia Monda
Guillermo and Claudia Monter
Gary and Barbara Morford
Scott and Pat Moore
David and Betty Jo Murray
Anthony and Sarah Nagel
Katie Nelson
Scott and Irene Niemi
Daniel Norris
Charles and Doris O’Connor
Ted and Fran O’Donnell
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Elizabeth Owczarski
Dale and Camille Peterson
Jeff and Kris Peugh
Gregg and Mary Pleger
Rev. Felipe Pulido
Alan and Kathy Quantrille
Keith and Sharon Qunell
Agustina and Tim Rankin
Matt and Cecilia Rexus
Doug and Debbie Rich
Larry and Lisa Richards
Deacon Tom and Jean Richtsmeier
Kevin and Theresa Riel
Victor Rohret
Robert and Dorothy Rollinger
Richard and Dora Russell
Margaret Russell, M.D.
Saint Martin’s University
Carl and Gretchen Sarrazolla
Helen Sauer
Jon and Kelly Sauer
Gene and Linda Schatz
Wallace and Diana Schlauder
Joseph and Sherry Schroeder
Mike and Sharon Scellick
Rev. Richard D. Sedlacek

St. Joseph School, Kennewick

St. Joseph Parish, Kennewick
Kevin and Angie Dorow
James Fort
William Fort
Doug and Danette Hester
Trudy Slagle
Ruth Sorenson

Nicanor & Elma Tirol DeLeon

Nic and Elma DeLeon

Unrestricted Donations
Marie Clark
Doroteo and Rose Collado
Don and Melissa Hart
William and Victoria McCurley
Jack and Patricia Myers
Rick and Kathy Qunell

Bountiful Harvest:
Celebration of Faith 2022 (cont.)

Roberta Gamino
Michael and Carol Gaulke
Laura Gaviglio
Gonzaga University
Andy and Elvia Gonzalez
Chuck and Debbie Graff
Craig and Abby Grimm
Matthew and Jan Grygiel
Ivan and Rinah Guevara
Christina Hagarty
Leslie and Deborah Henn
Ted and Erica Hohl
Holy Family Parish
Holy Spirit Parish
Jacalyn Holzer
Mark and Judy Hulke
Brian and Jennifer Hull
Paula Hull
Richard and Lisa Jacobs
Ben and Letty Jaramillo
Charles Jinneman
James and Barb Johnson
Charles and Barbara Jones
Evan and Sue Jones
Alonzo and Lillian Joslin
Richard and Nancy Kallenberger
Kathy Keebaugh
Thomas and D. Kelley
Susan Kendall
Debbie Kennedy
Fr. Keolker
Mark and Barbara Kranz
Mark and Ethel Krcma
Gary and Katherine Krebs
Greg and Jonella Leadon
Jule Lebeau
Carol Lundeen
Ramon Luzarraga
Sr. Susan Madley
Jerry and Rita Magnaghi
Bill and Cindy Mahre
Richard and Barbara Maier
Matthew and Lauren Manni
Joan Martin
Kelly and Paula Mattson
Russell and Nancy Mazzola
Tim and Meg McGree
Anthony and Christina Mejia
Victorino and Flora Mendoza
Kathi Mercy
Steve Mercy
Chris and Christine Mertens
William and Margot Mich
Gary and Nancy Sevigny
Rev. John M. Shaw
Donna and Morris Shore
Msgr. Robert Siler
Sisters of Providence
Terry and Denise Sliger
Ray and Tami Snyder
Dave and Ann Sonn
Peter and Beth Spadoni
St. Andrew Parish
St. Joseph Marquette School
St. Joseph Parish, Yakima
John and Jean Stadsvold
Ray and Dianne St. Mary
Patrick and Tammy Stevens
Chuck and Kate Stewart
Sr. Fe Sumalde, SP
Helen Theis
Claudia and Miguel Torres
Tri-Cities Prep
Robert and Katherine Turner
Dennis and Judy Turner
Michael and Marilyn Uribe
Laura Valle
Tomas and Hortencia Villanueva
John Walden
Virgil and Rita Warren
Lori and Mike Wasner
Timm and Sarah Wauzynski
Victor and Clara Weil
Elizabeth Wilkie
Yakima Theaters
Yakima Valley Chamber of
John and Margery Yegge
James and Beth Yonko

Mary Ellen Chott-Mahre
Far West Ski Association

Leadership in Action: Board of Trustee Members (Cont.)

Steve Baldlock
Board Member

1) Why did you join the CWCF Board of Trustees?

I joined the CWCF Board of Trustees because I have interest in growing the endowment to the point of really being able to make an impact on Catholic education in Central Washington.

2) What are your favorite projects/things the Foundation supports?

I believe the most important thing we do as a foundation is our Tuition Assistance Program. There is such a need. The way I look at it is that if we can make a difference in just one child’s life, it’s all worth the effort. Catholic education can offer an offramp to the perpetual poverty they live in. Our commitment is that no child will be denied a Catholic education because of money issues.

3) What are your hopes for the future of the CWCF or Catholic education as a whole?

My dream for Catholic education in Central Washington is that every parish, every priest in the Yakima Diocese embrace the Foundation and our mission. My dream is that our schools are in such demand because of the faith-based quality education we offer that there is a waiting list. My dream is that we are able to pay our teachers and staff salaries equivalent to those in the public sector.

Anthony Meija
Board Member

1) Why did you join the CWCF Board of Trustees?

I believe my service on the CWCF Board of Trustees arose in answer to prayer. You see, after a bit of a hiatus from Parish life in recent years due to work obligations, a recent change in circumstances resulted in my beginning a prayerful search for a way to better serve the Lord and His Church. I have been a direct recipient of the Foundation’s work and can testify to the tremendous blessings made possible through the generosity of the Foundation and its donors, which further convinces me that this opportunity has come to be because of Our Blessed Mother’s intercession. I am certainly committed to helping further the Foundation’s mission in any way I can, and I eagerly look forward to the future.

2) What are your favorite projects/things the Foundation supports?

While all the Foundation’s activities serve its fundamental mission to support Catholic education, I hold a special appreciation for a couple of its programs: the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), and the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). Both as father of four St. Rose of Lima Catholic School (Ephrata) alumni, and, in my prior role as youth minister for Our Lady of Fatima (Moses Lake), I have directly benefited from these programs. Without the help made available through the Foundation, my children would not have attended St. Rose, and my “church kids” would have missed some profound life changing experiences. To be sure, the Foundation provides much more than mere monetary gifts, its work helps to provide experiences through which one might encounter the Grace of God. And, for this I am forever grateful.

3) What are your hopes for the future of the CWCF or Catholic education as a whole?

I preface my answer by recalling St. Pope John Paul II. He proposed that if at every stage of life man desires to be his own person, then, it is during his youth that he desires it even more strongly. Explaining that this is not a desire for license to do anything whatsoever, without exception, but, rather, a desire for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and for a more concrete way to go about living, St. JPII suggested that the young are especially blessed with an openness to correction – that they need guides and want guides. It is my firm belief that a proper Catholic education will help to ensure they will have these guides, helping them to perceive Christ in the Church and live up to the great and demanding heritage of our Catholic Faith.

My hope, then, is that a well-rounded, faithfully Catholic education be made available to all, and that the CWCF continue to be blessed in its efforts to help this become a reality.

Board of Trustees 2022-2023

President, Steve Mercy (Holy Rosary, Moxee)
Treasurer, Scott Eschbach (Holy Rosary, Moxee)
Secretary. Anthony Mejia (Our Lady of Fatima, Moses Lake)
Vice President, Agustina Rankin (Christ the King, Richland)
Past President, Gordon Beecher (Christ the King, Richland)

Matt Beaton (Holy Spirit, Kennewick)
George Ahrend (St. Rose of Lima, Ephrata)
Jane Baldock (St. John the Baptist, Cle Elum)
John Riel (Holy Rosary, Moxee)
Terry Sliger (Christ the King, Richland)
Ann Sonn (St. Joseph, Wentachee)
Russ Mazzola (St. John, Naches)

Rev. Brooks Beaulaurier (St. Juan Diego, Cowiche and St. John, Naches)
Steve Baldock (St. Joseph, Wentachee)
Jon Lane (Our Lady of Fatima, Moses Lake)
Fr. Richard Sedlacek (Our Lady of Lourdes, Selah)
Betty Jo Murray (St. John, Naches) Ronald St. Hilaire (St. Joseph, Kennewick)
John Stadsvold (Christ the King, Richland)

Ex-Officio Member
Most Rev. Joseph J. Tyson

Executive Director
Nicole St. Mary – Franson (Holy Rosary, Moxee)

Melissa Richter