John Rodriquez-Kranz Memorial Scholarship Application

Deadline: May 1, 2021

The John Rodriquez-Kranz Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of John Francisco Rodriquez-Kranz. His ideals and values exemplified his compassion, generosity, and dedication to God, family, Davis High School, and the greater Yakima community. John believed that everyone deserves a helping hand of encouragement and respect, especially those overcoming special hardships. His belief, that every individual is important and that it is everyone’s responsibility to help others, exemplifies his desire to make the world a better place.

This one-time scholarship benefits students prevailing over adversity through personal growth. The award varies from year-to-year, however an award winner can expect $1,000. The Central Washington Catholic Foundation (CWCF) is the sole governing body awarding the John Rodriquez-Kranz Scholarship. CWCF’s decision is final.

As you move through the application, we recommend that you save your responses in a separate document until receipt of the complete application is verified.

In an effort to allow you to move through your portion of the application, the student ID number and reference document uploads have been listed as optional.

Qualifications for this scholarship:
1. Applicant must be a graduating senior at A.C. Davis High School in Yakima, WA
2. Have a cumulative 2.5 or better GPA
3. Planning to attend an accredited vocational school, college or university.

Successful application includes:
1. Completed online application form no later that April 15th of the year the scholarship is awarded.
2. Proof of acceptance at an accredited vocational school, college or university.
3. Official transcripts from Davis High School submitted or postmarked by April 15.
4. A minimum of one Recommendation Form and Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor who knows the applicant well. Recommendation must be submitted directly to CWCF by the individual recommending the student and be postmarked by April 15.

Recommendation Request Form