Day 8: Board Member Spotlight – Erika Erazo

Erika Erazo cropped

My name is Erika Erazo. I had the honor to work as the bookkeeper for Our Lady of the Desert Parish in 2016-2018 in Mattawa, WA. During my transition as an employee I learned a lot from Father Jorge Granados. I started helping out as a teacher for First Communion and let me tell you my experience in three words; I LOVED IT!

My second year I decided to work with the youth and I taught confirmation students for 2 years. That is when I discovered the need in our Parish and Youth. And as a result, the love Jesus has for us. Thanks to the Central Washington Catholic Foundation we were able to provide our students materials such as bibles, books, tuition and more.

Our Parish is small and we don’t have space for 189 confirmation students but that did not stop us to continue our religious education even with 200 first communion students registered as well. Our community is blessed with more gifts than you can imagine.

I decided to support the Central Washington Catholic Foundation and contribute some of my time as a Board Member to represent our Parish. I truly believe that with God next to us, everything is possible because He is the way, the truth, and the light.