DAY 39: Celebrating our Partners, Donors, and Supporters

Below is a list of our Partners in education!
Thank you for your continued support of Catholic education in the Diocese of Yakima. 

Join our list of Partners by making a donation of $1,200 or more! 

Thank you, Partners: 
Saint Martin’s University
Holy Rosary Parish
Cascade Autocenter
Sisters of Providence
Burrows Tractor Co.
George and Jennifer Ahrend
Bryan and Brenda Alford
Gordon and Kathy Beecher
Bob and Donna Cash
Scott and Joan Eschbach
James and Trish Feeney
Michael and Nicole Franson
Jim and Catherine Fredericks
Edna Golob
Charles and Debbie Graaff
Karl and Kyle Hadley
Wayne and Collette Heffner
Jerry and Patricia Hein
Steve and Courtney Hunter
Russell and Nancy Mazzola
William and Victoria McCurley
Thomas Miller
David and Betty Jo Murray
Dale and Camille Peterson
Thomas and Jean Richtsmeier
Helen Sauer
Terry and Denise Sliger
David and Ann Sonn
Ray and Dianne St. Mary
Bishop Joseph Tyson