Celebration of Faith Scholarship Application

The Celebration of Faith Scholarship is funded by donations received at the annual Celebration of Faith event. The number and amounts of scholarships may vary from year to year. The scholarships are awarded to students who are graduating from high school and planning to attend a Catholic college or university or who are already attending a Catholic college or university. Recipients are selected by the Grants Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Central Washington Catholic Foundation and all decisions are final. Current recipients may reapply and will compete with new applicants.

Qualifications include

1. Student must be a baptized, participating member of the Roman Catholic community.
2. Student must be accepted to an accredited Catholic college or university.
3. Student must live within the boundaries of the Diocese of Yakima.
4. Student must show significant community activities/services and articulate educational/career goals.

Successful application includes
1. Completed online application form with all accompanying documents completed by April 15th of the year the scholarship is awarded.
2. Proof of acceptance at an accredited Roman Catholic college or university. For college students, the current transcript substitutes for the letter of acceptance.
3. Official transcript from high school and/or college (if any). Running Start students must submit both. Submitted or postmarked by April 15.
4. At least two letters of recommendation, one from a teacher or counselor who knows the student well and one from the student’s pastor or parish youth leader. To be accepted, Letters of Recommendation must be sent directly to CWCF by the Recommender and be postmarked by April 15.
Recommendation Request Form

COF Scholarship Application

Personal Information

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School Information

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Official transcript from high school and/or college (if any). Running Start students must submit both.
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Activities, Service, and Employment

Provide information on your most significant leadership roles or involvement in organizations, clubs and/or sports. List them in order of importance to you. College students address college experience only.
Provide details of your service to your family, church, school and/or the greater community in which you live. List them in the order of importance to you. Please include hours, dates, frequency, type and reason for service.
List any school, summer, or other employment over the last four (4) years.
List any awards or recognition that you may have received.

Essay Section

Provide a brief statement of your educational and career objectives and long-term goals. Tell us about what you’ve done so far to personally contribute toward achieving those objectives.
Provide insights as to who you are behind the GPA and test scores. What are your unique personal characteristics. Those characteristics could include leadership, creativity, intellectual curiosity, personal initiative, self-discipline, commitment to others, motivation, faith, or the ability to overcome hardships.

Financial Need



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This one-time scholarship benefits students prevailing over adversity through personal growth. The award varies from year-to-year, however an award winner can expect $2,000. The Central Washington Catholic Foundation (CWCF) is the sole governing body awarding the Celebration of Faith Scholarship. CWCF’s decision is final.