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Parishes that do not have sufficient funding to pay a Director of Religious Education, may request a matching stipend of $500 to provide financial support to an unpaid, volunteer coordinator.

Parishes requesting the stipend must commit to providing a matching gift of $500.

Terms and Conditions:
The Celebration of Faith Grant to your parish from the Central Washington Catholic Foundation (CWCF) is solely for the purpose described in your application and is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
1. Funds are to be used only for the express purpose described above.
2. The parish agrees to list CWCF among its funders/contributors.
3. The parish gives permission to CWCF to use the parish’s name, project description, photos and other information in CWCF promotions.
4. The parish will return to CWCF any unexpended funds.
5. Funds will be promptly returned if it is determined that the parish is using the funds in a manner inconsistent with Catholic moral teachings or for a purpose other than the one identified above.
6. The parish may be asked to submit a copy of the checks written to the RE Coordinator.
7. The parish will submit digital photographs and/or video footage of their RE program annually, no later than May 1 that CWCF will be able to use in publicity.